Using available data for the States of New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and California (US/Mexico Border), the US Department of Transportation, Crash Profile Online, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration this paper will ascertain the probability of transportation accidents involving large trucks and Hazardous Waste along the US/Mexico Border. Included in the statistical analysis will be a determination of the cost of a hazardous waste accident and the need for a Mobile Emergency Response Team. It will also compare the actual large truck crossings, actual hazardous waste crossing and hazardous waste accidents. Finally the paper will look at the probability of increased traffic across the border and associated hazardous waste accidents and the cost of a hazardous waste accident. The focus will be on the newly opened Santa Teresa, New Mexico border crossing and propose a location for the Mobile Emergency Response Team that will be central and expedite response time for any accident pertaining to Hazardous Waste material.

Comparing available data and using mean, standard deviation and probability techniques this paper will ascertain the above-mentioned items.