The Radiochemistry Society & Carlsbad, New Mexico

A Path Forward for Economic Empowerment & International Prominence

Larry A. Burchfield, PhD Radiochemistry Society

Steven N. Bakhtiar, PhD Radiochemistry Society

Partnerships involving cooperation between industry, government, universities and nonprofit organizations can play an instrumental role both in economic empowerment and international prominence of local economies. Experience shows that partnerships involving government, industry, universities and nonprofit organizations can enhance local communities. In general, key partnerships have the potential for contributing to national and international missions in health, energy, the environment and national defense.

Throughout our history the United States has benefited from effective public-private partnerships. Cooperation between the government and private firms has contributed to the achievement of many national goals ranging from infrastructure to national defense. Partnerships today frequently involve both direct and indirect support for research and development carried out by private firms, many in cooperation with universities or national laboratories. Partnerships represent a practical means of achieving national and international goals at a local level. These partnerships exploit technological opportunities that benefit globally as well as locally.

Partnerships can be impeded by many factors such as a lack of vision, commitment, diverse opinion, perceived and real risk and a lack of sensitivity for economic benefit to society as a whole. Partnering can help firms and organizations overcome these barriers by providing a catalyst for economic empowerment that might not emerge spontaneously. Partnerships help to crystallize the collective conscience for the greater good of the community. When coupled with a vision that brings international prominence effective partnerships bring new vibrance to local economies.

This report presents one segment of the Radiochemistry Society’s Mission of Local Partnerships for the Development of Key Centers of Technical Excellence. Forming these key partnerships constitutes a vital positive element of our public charter by helping address major challenges and opportunities at the nexus of science, medicine, pharmacy, technology, and economic growth. The Radiochemistry Society is poised to help Carlsbad, New Mexico achieve international prominence and economic empowerment.