What about talking about Radiochemistry to students ?

J-F. Lucchini

Los Alamos National Laboratory, EES-12 Carlsbad Operations

MS A141, Carlsbad, NM 88220

505-234-5556, fax: 505-887-3051, lucchini@lanl.gov



Radiochemistry education is currently decreasing in the United States as well as all over the world, whereas the needs in this discipline really exist. The estrangement from radiochemistry among the population and the students comes mainly from the fear of nuclear, ignorance, and the unattractive appearance of this subject. Only people who are passionate and instructed in radiochemistry can deal with this, and improve the situation.

So, what about talking about Radiochemistry to students ? What about going to junior and high schools and colleges to present radiochemistry as a fascinating discipline, leading to helpful and profitable activities. This could be a way to get the interest of people, and perhaps to entice them toward careers in the nuclear field.

Some original ideas about how-to-do and what-to-do will be given in the talk to make students sensitive to this wonderful discipline of radiochemistry.