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Larry A. Burchfield, PhD Radiochemistry Society

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The number of people that benefit from its products or services can measure the success of any organization. The web site for the Radiochemistry Society was only launched in January 2003. However, this website has seen phenomenal growth during its short existence. The reason for this growth is due in part to the worldwide need for timely relevant information within the field of radiochemistry. Additionally, the lack of classically trained radiochemists has emerged as a prominent concern both nationally and internationally. In an address before the US Congress the Under Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate Dr. Charles E. McQueary stated "The vast scope of the science and technology needed to address homeland security coup with declining enrollments in specific areas such as nuclear science and technology, and radiochemistry are leading to a lack of qualified applicants for relevant research and development."

This statement is reflective of many similar that have been cast worldwide. Not only is this due to a worldwide shortage of classically trained radiochemists but is also due in part to the diverse nature of radiochemistry. The field of radiochemistry is so broad and varied that there is in fact no universally accepted definition for it. This is because it is an interdisciplinary subject, with its origins springing from such diverse areas as physics chemistry and biology. Together with its sister disciplines nuclear physics and nuclear engineering, radiochemistry has contributed not only to numerous important basic discoveries in our knowledge of the nucleus and its parts, but also it has provided new insights to chemistry, physics, biology and medicine.

The Radiochemistry Society was formed through the collaborative efforts of many scientists and professionals with the vision of establishing an International Resource that provides governments, agencies, and individuals with the technical support and guidance on issues dealing with radiochemistry, radiometric measurements, medical isotopes, national and international security issues.The Radiochemistry Society is also deeply committed to the education and promotion of young scientists entering this important area of science. The website offers a portal on the Radiochemistry Society and a means of sharing common goals.

This presentation will focus on the growth statistics of our website and will report on how the new website has become an "overnight" success around the world.