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Student Commentsthey Came... they Learned... they Spoke
Comments from StudentsFundamentals of Radiochemistry:    
  • I enjoyed the instructor's enthusiasm and vast knowledge. The instructor was able to tailor course direction to the needs of the class. Excellent way to bring class up to speed and then delve into more detailed on methods. The handouts / workbook are a great way to organize the material and will serve as a useful reference. I also enjoyed the clarification of terms / phenomena we may have taken for granted. Overall I'd give this course a 9 out of 10 and would recommend the course to others.
  • I liked everything about the course. I learned a lot and it will surely help me in the application of my new job. The instructors were easy to follow even though I have never studied this material before - it was great!
  • I enjoyed the history / interesting facts about pioneers in radiochemistry / nuclear physics. I also enjoyed the real life stories about sampling / measurement errors and learning about what other students are doing in this field. Using the Chart of the Nuclides - very good reference material!
  • The time spent on the periodic table was extremely useful. Additionally, the time spent discussing the nuclides was also extremely useful. The background on historical development of the periodic table and radiochemistry was interesting. Personal examples added much to the course and provided information on why "procedures" or "approaches" are important in obtaining useful results. Discussion on isotope tracers and carriers was very useful. Discussions on techniques for measuring alpha, beta, and gamma were very useful.
  • I enjoyed the ongoing feedback from student during the course. The course was exactly what I needed for the level of radiochemistry I expect to use. I particularly liked the initial background information on electron orbitals, the periodic table, and how this relates to the radionuclides and their properties.
  • The instructors were very knowledgeable and I learned a lot about radiochemistry and was able to brush up on my chemistry. The presenter made the information interesting and easier to understand. I would highly recommend this course overall.
  • Explanations were clear and allowed for questions... which brings me up to pace. The course was flexible, which I liked. I came away with a much greater understanding and appreciation for the subject, and my job, which is extremely valuable to me. Overall... a great success!
  • I found the course very intriguing. It especially offered a large amount of information regarding the history of radiochemistry. This historical insight greatly improved my understanding of current methods I use in the laboratory.
  • This was a great refresher of radiochemistry and radioactive analysis.The instructors did an excellent job covering the material and allowing time for every ones questions. The movies were very interesting. They brought the historical figures to life!
  • The topics that needed to be covered were all covered, but the methods and importance were tailored to the interest of the class members. The information was presented in an interesting and fun way; making it easy to learn and understand.
  • Excellent course, No improvements needed, except maybe make it longer. I highly recommend this course to others.

  • Nuclear Forensic Science:    Nuclear Forensic Science
  • Excellent presentation of Nuclear Forensics. I learned a huge amount of material which will definitely help me in my work daily. I also learned about statistics which was a "poor" area for me. These formulas will be a tremendous help in the fields. Thank you for presenting your "special lectures" to our class.
  • Material presented in an interesting and understandable fashion. Not the typical course, very useful information unavailable from any other source. Learning materials and knowledge are always accessible. Excellent course!!
  • I really enjoyed all the presentations. It was well designed to reach out all level of audience. Excellent Job!
  • I enjoyed how the course tied in my geology. Great review. I learned much about how the lab portion of our jobs works. Thanks!
  • I enjoyed all areas of the course. The information was very enlightening and will be very useful. The review was very helpful. The reference information will be a big help for the laboratory.
  • Flexible - able to alter material according to class needs. Alpha/beta ratio info new to me. A few things we can actually do in our small lab. Radiochemistry Society website - know where to go for answers in the future.

    Actinide Chemistry:    
  • Excellent... Video streams; Personal experiences; State of the Art points and Hand outs.
  • The streaming video of putting oxidation states in a visual perspective was invaluable. The experience of the instructors is obvious in the given fields and content taught to students is sound.
  • Great reviews on both sides (Health Physics & Chemistry), Great Videos!
  • The chemistry was very useful as well as the Tips for increasing efficiency in preparation and counting for our facility - very relevant to my work and will help me increase productivity.
  • Topics we enjoyed the most:
    "The approach of speaking about nuclear, then chemistry, then combining the two"
    "Videos, war stories (actual experiences) and applications"
    "The overview of the nuclear physics and chemistry"
    "Actinide Chemistry, column chromatography, IX resins, and separation methods"
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    Non Destructive Assay Measurements:    
  • This has given me a real appreciation for what our scientists do for us. You guys obviously enjoy what you are doing and know it inside and out. Thanks for being as patient as you were.
  • The information related to many of the things we currently do in the lab, i.e., the discussion on 2 & 3 sigmas and control charts. We were able to apply what we learned in practical lab work.
  • Good base for all NDA personnel to establish a baseline knowledge level. Good mathematics review for those of us who haven't used math Calculus in a period of time.
  • I found the in-depth explanation of how detectors work and the hands-on calculations & explanation very helpful... especially being provided all calculators, instructions & practice.
  • The thing I liked most about this course was the way it was split into class (lecture) and lab. The lecture was was great, and so was instruction on math formulas.
  • Setting up the detectors & counting the sources in different situations was very helpful.
  • Good refresher that also explained a few items that were confusing. The hands-on portion was good, but sometimes the lab handout were confusing. Good discussion of uncertainty.
  • Dr. Burchfield did a good job as an instructor explaining the material.

  • Non Destructive Assay Hands-On Training Course:     
  • I particularly enjoyed the lecture series. So many of the concepts are forgotten over the years, so it was a wonderful and well-needed refresher. Thanks to all of you!
  • Provided me with experience from the field. Also I acquired knowledge of "term" definitions. Helped to refresh my "unused" math skills.
  • Although labs were hard to follow at times, they were the most value added part of the class.
  • Learned how to use portable NDA equipment for my job.
  • I liked the fact that there were 3 instructors. Therefore, you had a couple of different view points to help people better understand. It was a good hands on experience in the labs.
  • I enjoyed the lab portion of the course the best, because putting into practice the concepts that we learn in class is very important. Without doing actual work in even a simulated environment, we never can anticipate all the problems we will run into. Also there is such a difficulty going from theory to practice that in this field especially, actual problems are solved. I also liked the "chemistry" between the students.
  • Since I have not previously used the NDA instrumentation and software, I particularly enjoyed the hands on exercises. This will give me better understanding of what is going on in the field, and consequently help me when reviewing data and associated QC.
  • Hands on experience is a great plus!
  • Enjoyed he labs. Being able to put to use what you have learned is always the best way to really learn it.
  • In general it was a fast, furious overview of what we are going to be required to do... and will provide reference material we can refer back to in the future.
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    Data Validation & Quality Assurance:     
  • The instructors are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable! The tone of the class was enjoyable and breaks were taken at the appropriate time. All the information will be well used when I return to my job.
  • Found the course to be very informative. Instructors were very knowledgeable about the subject matter.
  • The examples/real-life scenarios in the different industries used throughout the workshop helped to give a better and overall understanding of the role of data validation. Information was presented in a very well matter.
  • If the pace of the course were more even, that would be helpful. Otherwise it was a great course and I would recommend it to others.
  • Great review of rad science while learning new material in the same class.
  • You presented a practical approach to QA and validation. In other courses, the instructor always gave me the impression that the QA was more important than the project. Your approach uses QA as a means to the end of a successful project.
  • The instructor passed on a wealth of information in 2 short days! The course was both challenging & enlightening.
  • Great mix of both "basic" & "detailed" information.
  • I enjoyed the authoritative presentation and friendliness of personnel.

    Advanced Data Validation & Quality Assurance:     
  • Having been a radiochemist - the information was good - very good perspective on changing from old to improved processes. The course was well taught and interesting... lots of ideas presented.
  • I enjoyed learning about some of the processes that INTEC has and learning about some of the basic principles of radiometrics. It is a topic I am sure I will research on my own. It was nice seeing how a different facility operates and tries to improve itself.
  • I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the instructor; he truly made me think twice about my whole approach to data validation and science in general.
  • I want our lab to be the best. It is important to me to learn as much as I can to improve what I do and share that information with others. QA plan information was great. Reference material was informative. Thanks for definition of a ³well known² blank.
  • Enjoyed being pushed to think critically about things analytical, since it too often devolves into a numbers game.
  • You have surely opened our eyes to becoming "THE WORLD CLASS LAB".
  • I enjoyed that you were able to put many things in context with our INTEC specific conditions. I also appreciated the exposure to the practical data generation fundamentals which effect the data. I was grateful to be included in the INTEC on-site activity as well. I have a new expanded enthusiasm.

    Radioactive Waste Management & Repository Sciences:    
  • I enjoyed the openness and friendly environment of the classroom setting. Information was relevant to the course and the instructor was very knowledgeable in this subject. The instructor also encouraged me to challenge myself to gaining a better understanding of the field of Radiochemistry. Personally, don¹t change the course in any way. I enjoyed the course and look forward to visiting the website, and using the tools that have been provided by the Radiochemistry Society. Thank you for your time and patience.
  • The course on Radioactive Waste Management and Repository Science was an informative class which covered a very broad spectrum of radioactive waste management. What helped me the most was covering gamma spectrometry issues since I deal mostly with the Low Level Waste and characterization issues. Good class. Very informed instructor!
  • Made course fit students level and needs. Great intro to radiochemistry, made course fun through many real life stories. Good information on the present and future problems facing radioactive waste disposal. Great handouts.

  • Hands-On Radiochemistry Training Course:    view course hi-lites   view Course Description
  • I gained a better understanding of the fundamental knowledge/concept of radiochemistry, and the various applications in areas such as Medicine, Energy, Environment and Industry. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in expanding his/her knowledge and Hands-On experience in Radiochemistry. The instructor was very knowledgeable in the topics. I also enjoyed the opportunity at the follow-up review sessions for questions/clarifications.
  • The course gives:
    1. concise insight on main concepts and principles of radiochemistry
    2. overview on possibilities offered by radiochemistry
    3. good impression how the real radiochemistry looks in laboratory
    4. information and suggestions on how to organize the radiochemistry lab
    5. a lot of advice & ideas, which can't be found in literature
    6. good network and connections for future work.
    7. The course was very well organized.
    I enjoyed the course for these reasons:
    1. availability of all stuff involved practically 24 hours per day
    2. dedication of lecturer and other personnel
    3. well considered concept of laboratory exercises
    4. clear and really interesting lectures
    5. lots of useful practical work
    6. you'll see many different applications of radiochemistry
    7. all excursions and very informative visits to different sites
    8. intensive work in small group (even in lunch time!)
  • Very intensive course. A pleasant and very nice atmosphere during the 2 weeks in Richland (with new friends)!
  • Very comprehensive - liked the printed materials - think they will continue to be useful. I also liked how the instructor tailored (altered) the course as he went along to suit individual students needs.
  • The hands on was by far the best part of ht4e course with emphasis on the separation chemistry. The tours would be second because they were all related to the subject matter and were very interesting.
  • Exposure to lab techniques and data analysis. Flexible agenda and selection of topics. Good discussions. Good support materials. Great hospitality. Great tours, especially reactor tour. Good venue and facilities.

    Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) Radiochemistry Training Course:    
  • Great perspective about radiochemistry, esp. of the actinides. Great history of course material presented... and film of reprocessing was great! I also learned a lot about radiochemistry and the text given was a great reference.
  • I found the course very useful. I enjoyed the informal atmosphere as it made it easy to ask questions and clarification of the concepts discussed.
  • I liked the open question format, processing info and information on medical isotopes was very interesting.

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