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The compilation of famous speeches below are in txt Text format for viewing in your browser and AudioAudio for listening with QuickTime plugin.

selecttext formatLiberty or Death : Patrick Henry : 1775
selecttext formatGettysburg Address : Abraham Lincoln : 1863
selecttext formatWorlds at War : Winston Churchill : 1940
select audioPearl Harbor : CBS News Bulletin : 1941
selecttext formatDay of Infamy : Franklin D. Roosevelt : 1941
selectAudioAudio version
selecttext formatThe Sinews of Peace (Iron Curtain) : Winston Churchill : 1946
selecttext formatAtoms for Peace : Dwight D. Eisenhower : 1953
selectAudioAudio & Video version
selecttext formatNo Cities Speech : Robert McNamara : 1962
selecttext formatMutual Deterrence : Robert McNamara : 1962
selecttext formatCuban Missle Crisis : John F. Kennedy : 1962
selecttext formatAddress at Berlin Wall : John F. Kennedy : 1963
selecttext formatI Have a Dream : Martin Luther King : 1963
selectAudioAudio version
selecttext formatWar Powers Resolution : Public Law : 1973
selecttext formatDefense & National Security (SDI Speech) : Ronald Reagan : 1983
selecttext formatBallistic Missile Defense : George Bush : 2001

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"I know not what World War III will be fought with, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones"  Albert Einstein

"Japan was at the moment seeking some way to surrender with minimum loss of "face"... It wasn't necessary to hit them with that awful thing."  General Dwight D. Eisenhower

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