Prospects for Academic Nuclear and Radiochemistry


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Prospects for Academic Nuclear and Radiochemistry

Nuclear & Radiochemistry: A unique combination of skills necessary for the future

A century of radiochemistry: Its growth and development as a unique scientific discipline

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Perspectives have recently expanded

Status of Education in the USA (IAEA 2002)

How can young students be attracted to Nuclear Chem.?


Areas of Need (ACS, 1987) Areas Needing Scientists

Activities at National Laboratories in Nuclear and Radiochemistry

Loss of knowledge at Universities and National Labs

Impact in different research fields at National Labs

Example 1: Nuclear Waste

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Trends in the Amount of Qualified Manpower Required in Radioactive Waste Management Sector in the U.S.

Renaissance of nuclear energy

Basic science with real-world applications

National security and non-proliferation


Andreas Kronenberg
Los Alamos National Laboratory