Book Notes from Radiochemistry Society
--Radioactivity Radionuclides Radiation
by Joseph Magill & Jean Galy

Review by: Larry Burchfield, PhD, Radiochemistry Society Faculty

Radioactivity Radionuclides RadiationThis text provides much needed practical application for nuclear concepts. As the title infers the major area discuss are Radioactivity its origins and discovery as well as types; Radionuclides and their use in research archaeology and dating as well as uses in medicine and industrial applications; Radiation in the environment, background, nuclear waste disposal and the Chernobyl Accident. Of particular note is a discussion of the Linear No Threshold Hypothesis (LNT) which provides some evidence against this hypothesis with natural radon studies.

One field of special significance within the nuclear sciences is in the realm of nuclear medicine. Important areas such as imaging, external beam radiotherapy, and immunotherapy (including the newest area of alpha-immunotherapy) are thoroughly addressed.

This text contains a very nice fold-out chart of the nuclides as well as the Universal Nuclide Chart on CD-ROM. Additionally there is a recommended reading list as well as web links. The 259 pages are rounded out with several important appendices: A: Physical Constants, Conversion Factors, Prefixes, & Greek Alphabet; B: Table of the Elements; C: Properties of the Elements; D: Table of Atomic Masses; E: Universal Chart of the Nuclides; F: Periodic Table of the Elements; G: Karlsruhe Chart of the Nuclides.

In summary, this text is a must have for any scholar of the nuclear sciences.