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Consulting Services... Our Specialty
 The Radiochemistry Society is pleased to offer high caliber professional independent review & technical assistance services on a wide variety of relevant topics.

Technical Services from the Radiochemistry Society --Our members, staff and consultants are highly qualified in the following broad areas:
Homeland Security
Nuclear Medicine Physics
Health Physics
Nuclear Engineering
Nuclear Physics
Environmental Compliance & Regulations
Nuclear Waste Management
--Specific topics include:
Radiological Assessment & Review
Laboratory Process Improvement
Nuclear Training & Assessment
Radiation Transport Calculations
Non Destructive Assay Measurement
    and Assessments
Nuclear Measurement Review
Laboratory Design & Concepts
LIMS Review
Nuclear Operations Review
First Responders Coaching
Environmental Assessments
Mixed Waste Assessments
Radioactive Material License Assistance
Regulatory Compliance
Unusual & Complex Problem Resolution

Design, development, implementation & assessment
    of needed training programs.
Operational Readiness Review
Quality Assurance
Nuclear Safety
Integrated Safety Management System
Qualification, certification of personnel, procedures & programs
Six Sigma
Supervisors Leadership Program
Sample Management & Sample Outsourcing
    Program Development
Technical Workshops and Conferences
Web Based Training Development
Record Management
--Our policy is to only work on a very limited number of projects per year and we suggest that you schedule a review of your project as early as possible. We offer complete confidentiality to clients world wide and client satisfaction is guaranteed.
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   * For a rate card or additional information, please email:  rad-info@radiochemistry.org

Please complete the request form below. We will reply to your request within 48 hours.

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