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Course Description
Radiation Management for Port Authorities
How Port Authorities Should Deal With Dirty Bombs and Radioactive Contamination
A Two Day Course Designed Specifically for Port Personnel which provides a Practical Hands-on Approach in Dealing with Radioactive Contamination and Radiological Dispersion Devices.
Course Description Who Should Attend
All Port Authority personnel, firefighters, policemen, emergency treatment personnel, local officials who want to learn about the radioactive nature of the devices, recovery and emergency treatment personnel. Airport security, local city, county, state, and federal officials making policy relevant to radiation incident responders and key aspects related to radioactive dispersal weapons.

No background in the nature of radioactivity is expected. This course presents a hands-on practical approach in dealing with this important topic. The likely attendee will have a role in protection of the public, restoring calm, recovery activities, decontamination and disposal, public communications, emergency procedures, evacuation, etc.

Key Topics You'll Learn About
The attendees will learn about important perspectives in radioactivity, such as the description, nature, prevalence, and origins of natural radioactivity.
You will learn about the extensive and detailed efforts going into the transportation safety issues related to shipments of radioactive materials.
What we have learned from the history and health effects of an explosion of a radioactive sources.
Attendees will also learn about depleted uranium, radioactive and chemical properties, how it's made, some industrial and military uses.

Top of PageHow You'll Benefit from this Course
  • You will consult with instructors who have handled and worked with radioactive materials, who have taught radiation workers, firemen, and engineers about such materials.
  • Understand the radioactivity in nature and likely materials in radioactive dispersion devices (RDDs).
  • Learn some comparisons between natural and man-made radioactive sources.
  • Learn how to communicate to the media, the public, and officials regarding risks, damage assessment, and recovery activities.
  • Learn how to understand and use radiation detection devices in radiological assessments, deployment of recovery teams, media reporting and communications.
  • Receive packet of pertinent information for community training and potential recovery plans from RDBs.

Top of PageProgram Agenda  *All courses are taught from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm each day
  • What is a "Dirty Bomb"? There is much confusion as what a dirty bomb actually is. This course will explain in layman terms exactly what this type of terror device is and will also discuss other radiological dispersion devices (RDD).
  • How will Terrorist Use Radioactive Materials? It is fundamentally important that Port authority personnel understand the opportunities, methods and means of using RDDs.
  • Sociological Impacts of Fear. The fear factor plays a significant role in the potential use of radioactive materials being used. This course will help Port authority personnel understand both fear as a weapon and the public fear of radioactivity.
  • What should Port authority personnel Expect? A significant part of dealing with this issue centers on what Port authority personnel should expect in such an event. Various scenarios will be outlined in order to properly prepare Port authority personnel.
  • Dealing with Radioactivity in a Safe Manner. There are many useful sources of radioactive material. This section will deal with helping the First Responder understand what are safe levels of radioactivity and what steps should be taken to minimize risk to the First Responder and the public.
  • How will Radiological Dispersion Devices be Deployed? In order to understand the problem it is important to understand the various ways in which radiological devices can be deployed.
  • How should Port authority personnel prepare & plan. Planning is key and this course will cover in detail specific critical elements of planning.
  • What should Port authority personnel do during a radiological dispersion event? How and what a First Responder should do is critical to minimizing the risk.
  • Practical Hands-on Exercises.
  • Restoring Public Calm and the role of the Media.

Top of PageCost/Reservations
Cost for this course is $995.00 [U.S.] with All Proceeds going to the Radiochemistry Society.
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