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Course Description
Radiation Management for Health Care Workers
Hospital Emergency Room Planning for Management of Radiation Incidents

A Two-Day Course Designed to Prepare Health Care Facilities and Health Care Works for the Management of Radiation Incidents and Accidents
Course Listings Who Should Attend
All emergency room personnel including doctors, nurses, hospital technicians and support staff. This would also include all personnel that would have direct and immediate contact with incoming patients and first responders.

Key Topics You'll Learn About
You'll learn the ABCs of establishing a radiation incident plan and how to setup and manage a Radiation Emergency Incident at a health care facility. You'll also learn about the general guidelines for planning a response for various accident scenarios such as industrial and medical radiation incidents, transportation accidents, releases from fixed nuclear facilities and malicious / terrorist activities. Additionally, this course will provide you with facility preparation and planning and provide you with planning for control of radioactive contamination at all health care facilities.

How You'll Benefit from this Course
  • Obtain hands-on experience seasoned experts in the deployment of a radiation incident team.
  • Gain a broad understanding of the sources of radiation both man-made and natural and the health effects of radiation doses to workers.
  • Psychological aspects of radiation accidents and how best to manage this important aspect of any radiation emergency.
  • How to manage large numbers of radiation cases.
  • The appropriate staffing for a Radiological Emergency Response Team.

Top of PageProgram Agenda  [2 Day Course]  *All courses are taught from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm each day

  • Sources of Radiation
  • Classification of Radioactive Materials
  • Types of Radiation
  • Health Effects from Radiation Exposure
  • Guidelines for Facility Preparation
  • Planning for Contamination Control
  • Staffing of Radiological Emergency Response Teams
  • Radiation Incident Impact on Normal Hospital Operations
  • Pre-Staging Planning
  • Managing Large Numbers of Radiation Cases
  • Psychological Aspects of Radiation Accidents
  • Emergency Room Recovery Plan
  • Web Resources
  • Floor Covering & Control
  • Ventilation Control
  • Industrial / Medical Radiation Incidents
  • Transportation Accidents
  • Malicious / Terrorist Incidents
  • Dirty Bombs & Radiological Dispersive Devices

Top of PageCost/Reservations
Cost for this course is $995.00 [U.S.] with All Proceeds going to the Radiochemistry Society.
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