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The Radiochemistry Society has teamed with Environmental Services in sponsoring a unique world-class hands-on training course for learning the fundamentals of radiochemistry. In addition to providing laboratory space and instruments, Energy Northwest also conducted a tour of Columbia Generating Station and other facilities.

Chemists, engineers, scientists, technicians and managers who recognize the need for improvement of their skill set and fundamental knowledge of radiochemistry can gain this experience through this partnership. This course provides this exclusive and highly limited training only twice per year. The groups of students come from a diverse array of scientific disciplines and agencies including the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), DOE's New Brunswick National Laboratory, CH2MHill, Clark-Atlanta University, Josef Stefan Institute (Slovenia), Food Safety Institute (Holland), Atomic Energy of Canada, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Air Force Research Lab at Eglin.

According to the Radiochemistry Society web site, many in both undergraduate and graduate studies have not had a great deal of formal academic training in radiochemistry. There is an urgent need for formal education on both nuclear and radiochemical concepts. In the past, many learning opportunities at nuclear sites have consisted of on-the-job training which may have resulted in less than adequate understanding. The need for formal, world-class hands-on radiochemistry training is urgent.

"We have high expectations for this partnership in our pursuit of new business opportunities in Environmental Services," said Terry Northstrom, Environmental Services Supervisor. "No other radiochemistry class with a hands-on focus is currently available."

The Radiochemistry Society offers elementary and advanced training courses in radiochemistry, health physics and homeland security. For more information on the Hands-On course or a brochure, click here »

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