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offered by Energy Northwest & The Radiochemistry Society
A joint offering by Energy Northwest & The Radiochemistry Society

Radiochemistry for Nuclear Power Plant Personnel
A Three-Day Training Course Designed for Nuclear Power Plant Personnel & Management
Course Description In This Course You Will
  • Consult with seasoned experts on your separations problems and challenges
  • Develop a knowledge of radiochemistry principles needed for decision making in the nuclear arena
  • Better understand which instrument techniques meet a specific radioanalytical need
  • Receive references to deepen your understanding of nuclear concepts and fundamentals
  • Learn methods of optimizing laboratory operations

Who Should Attend
Nuclear power plant personnel, radiochemistry laboratory personnel, lab managers & nuclear lab technicians that wish to improve their skill set and fundamental knowledge of radiochemistry. Completion of this three day course will enhance and support nuclear related decision-making as well as provide formal academic principles in radiochemistry.

Key Topics You'll Learn About
  • Fundamental Principles of Gamma Spectrometry
  • Fundamental Principles of Alpha Spectrometry
  • Fundamental Principles of Liquid Scintillation Counting
  • Fundamental Principles of Gas Flow Proportional Counting
  • Strategies for measuring hard to analyze isotopes such as Sr89, Sr90, Fe55, Fe59, I129, etc.
  • Best Methods and Strategies for Separation Chemistry
  • Making Reliable & High Quality Measurements in Radiochemistry
  • Chemistry of Actinides, Fission Products & Naturally Occurring Nuclides
Course Description
How You'll Benefit from This Course
Globally there has been a dramatic decrease of teaching and training opportunities in radiochemistry over the past three decades. As a result there has also been a dramatic decrease in closure of institutes world-wide. Lack of formal academic training in radiochemistry as the basic discipline for nuclear power production, health physics, and nuclear energy technology has had a strong multiplicity effect on various branches of applied and basic research and, hence, on some major parts of society's welfare.

Many in both undergraduate and graduate studies have not had a great deal of formal academic training in the fundamentals radiochemistry. There is an urgent need for formal education on both nuclear and radiochemical concepts. In the past, many learning opportunities at nuclear sites have consisted of on the job training as well as safety related training. This training does fulfill its intended purpose, however, it is not a substitute for formal fundamental training as a scientific tool to be deployed by scientist and engineers.

Program Agenda  *All courses are taught from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm each day

Day 1 Fundamentals:
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  • Background & History
  • Chemistry & the Periodic Table
  • Classification of Radionuclides
  • Nuclear Interactions & Reactions
  • Chart of the Nuclides and Nuclear Concepts
  • Statistics, Nuclear Decay Calculations & Detection Limits
Day 2 Strategies:
  • Isotopes of interest to nuclear power personnel
  • Chemical Separation Strategies
  • Nuclear Measurement Strategies
  • Laboratory Optimization Strategies
Day 3 Applications & Problem Solving:
  • In the environment
  • At Nuclear Sites
  • Health Physics
  • Problem solving

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Cost for this course is $1,495.00 [U.S.] with All Proceeds going to the Radiochemistry Society. Space is extremely limited. In order to assure placement we encourage you to register online.
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The Radiochemistry Society reserves the right to reschedule course dates and/or locations as necessary per enrollment requests.

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