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Course Description
Advanced Actinide Chemistry
3 Day Course
(Three CEUs Awarded Upon Completion)
Course Description Who Should Attend
Chemists, engineers, scientists, technicians, and managers who recognize the additional advance training for improvement of their skill set and knowledge of Actinide Chemistry. Completion of this three day course will enhance and support nuclear related decision-making as well as provide formal academic principles in Actinide Chemistry.

Key Topics You'll Learn About
  • Principles of Plutonium Chemistry
  • Principles of Uranium Chemistry
  • Principles of Thorium Chemistry
  • Principles of Americium Chemistry
  • Principles of Neptunium Chemistry
  • Principles of Alpha Spectrometry
  • Principles of Gamma Spectrometry
  • Principles of Liquid Scintillation Counting
  • Principles of Gas Flow Proportional Counting
  • Best Methods and Strategies for Separation Chemistry
  • Making Reliable & High Quality Measurements in Actinide Chemistry
How You'll Benefit from This Course
In this course you will:
  • Consult with seasoned experts on your separations problems and challenges
  • Develop a knowledge of Actinide Chemistry principles needed for decision making in the nuclear arena
  • Better understand which instrument techniques meet a specific radioanalytical need
  • Receive references to deepen your understanding of Actinides
  • Learn methods of optimizing laboratory operations

Top of PageProgram Agenda  *All courses are taught from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm each day

Day 1 Advanced:
  • Background & History
  • Actinide Chemistry & the Periodic Table
  • Classification of Radionuclides
  • Nuclear Interactions & Reactions
  • Chart of the Nuclides and "d" and "f" orbital Concepts
  • Statistics
Day 2 Strategies:
  • Actinide Oxidation States
  • Actinides Complex Formation
  • Actinide Sample Preparation Strategies
  • Actinide Separation Strategies
  • Actinide Measurement Strategies
  • Alpha Spectroscopy of Actinides
  • Gamma Spectroscopy of Actinides
  • Toxicology of Actinides
Day 3 Applications & Problem Solving:
  • At Nuclear Sites
  • In Nuclear Medicine & Pharmacy
  • Health Physics
  • Radiological Control
  • Deactivation and Decontamination
  • Waste Management

Top of PageCost/Reservations
Cost for this course is $1,495.00 [U.S.] with All Proceeds going to the Radiochemistry Society. Space is extremely limited. In order to assure placement we encourage a prompt response.
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The Radiochemistry Society reserves the right to reschedule course dates and/or locations as necessary per student enrollment requests.

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