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Course Description
Data Validation & MARLAP Training
An Essential Three-Day Course for Understanding Data Validation and MARLAP Fundamentals
* Upon successful completion of this course you will be elgible to take the optional Certification Exam
Course Description About This Course
The objective of this course is to provide participants with the fundamental skills necessary for proper Data Validation & Review of Radiometric Data. For all radiological and hazardous sites investigations, it is essential to know the quality of the data used for decision-making purposes. The process of generating radiochemistry data of known quality begins in the planning stages when data quality objectives (DQO) are established; continues during sample collection activities and laboratory analysis; is re-evaluated when validating the analytical data; and is finalizes as part of the data quality assessment process. This course provides students with an essential explanation of radiometric data validation as prescribed in MARLAP. Radiometric Data Validation is performance based while both inorganic and organic are prescriptive. The student will gain valuable insight to this significant difference.

Who Should Attend
Data validation specialists, chemists, program managers, data users and all personnel who are involved with the data usability activities.

Key Topics You'll Learn About
  • Concepts that Make Radiometric Data Unique for Data Validation
  • Review of Quality Planning Concepts for Radiochemistry
  • Review & Application of MARLAP
  • Radiochemistry Society Guidance on Radiometric Data Validation
  • Review of Radiometric Methods
  • The Distinction between Performance Based & Prescriptive Base V&V

Program Agenda  *All courses are taught from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm each day

Day 1:
  • Introduction to Radiometric Data Validation
  • Metrology
  • Radiometric Terms & Distinctions
  • Quality Planning
  • Review of the DQO Process
  • Review of Radiometric Methods

Day 2:
  • Review of MARLAP
  • Radiometric Quality Performance Indicators
  • Radiometric Instrument Performance Indicators
  • Radiochemistry Society Recommendations for Radiometric Data Validation
  • Review of Actual Radiochemistry Data Packages

Day 3:
  • Figure of Merit and Selection of Radiometric Methods
  • Evaluating Radiochemistry Laboratories
  • Measurement Uncertainties & TPUs
  • Sampling & Sub-sampling
  • Matrix Concerns & Total Dissolution
  • Laboratory Contamination Control

Top of PageCost/Reservations
Cost for this course is $1,995.00 [U.S.] and the optional Certification Exam is an additional $250.00 [U.S.], with All Proceeds going to the Radiochemistry Society. Space is extremely limited. In order to assure placement we encourage a prompt response.
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The instructors are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable! The tone of the class was enjoyable and breaks were taken at the appropriate time. All the information will be well used when I return to my job.

The examples/real-life scenarios in the different industries used throughout the workshop helped to give a better and overall understanding of the role of data validation. Information was presented in a very well matter.


The Radiochemistry Society reserves the right to reschedule course dates and/or locations as necessary per enrollment requests.

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