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Course Description
Radioactivity for the Non-Scientist
An Essential Two-Day Training Course for the Non-Scientific Community
Course DescriptionWho Should Attend
This course is intended for the non-scientific policy makers, teachers, agency personnel, firefighters, EMTs, First Responders, Homeland Security policy-makers and planners, emergency response and recovery planners and team members, media personnel, general public.

Key Topics You'll Learn About
Understanding the presence, origins, and abundances of natural radioactivity, the discovery of Radioactivity, cosmic origins of natural radioactivity, impacts of natural radioactivity on our world, measuring radioactivity, natural radioactivity in food, water and living tissues, and how they got that way. Industrial and medical uses of radioactivity, relative risks of radioactivity, new findings of health effects from research in cell metabolism. Classroom demonstrations of natural radioactivity using consumer products and cloud chambers will be conducted. The basis for solid public communications plans and methods, essential during emergencies, will be provided. The attendee will learn the basics of risk communications.

Top of PageHow You'll Benefit from This Course
This course will inform the attendee of the most recent understandings of radioactivity. To the extent that it is a part of our natural environment, the attendeešs knowledge of the environment will advance remarkably. As such the attendee will be better informed as to how to teach others of these findings, and improve the scientific basis for planning for emergency preparedness and recovery activities. Similarly, public communications plans will be essential in avoidance of mass fear and panic during periods of weapons use and resultant high stress.

Top of PageProgram Agenda  *All courses are taught from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm each day

Day 1:
  • The Basics of natural Radioactivity, what is it, what materials are radioactive, where did they come from (nuclear events in the Sun and beyond).
  • History of nuclear science and discovery
  • How does this effect us‹radon, potassium-40, geothermal events, a natural reactor, helium
  • Radioactivity in consumer products
  • Relative doses from various sources
  • Demonstration of radioactivity in consumer products, cloud chambers
Day 2:
  • Industrial Uses
  • Medical Uses
  • Elements of Public Communications
  • Elements of Risk Communications
  • Some advances in the health effects radiation - a growing scientific basis

Top of PageCost/Reservations
Cost for this course is $995.00 [U.S.] with All Proceeds going to the Radiochemistry Society.
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