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Course Description 
Radiological Laboratory Technician Certification Training
An Invaluable Three-Day Course Essential for Workers in the Nuclear Field
Course Description Who Should Attend
Individuals who work in nuclear and radiological facilities. This fundamental course will be valuable for others who require an understanding of radiation protection practices, radiochemistry and regulations.

Key Topics You'll Learn About
  • Applied Radiation Protection
  • Detection and Measurements
  • Fundamentals of Radiochemistry and Radiation Physics
  • Fundamentals of Radiological Quality Assurance Principles
  • Problems Solving and Practice Exercises
How You'll Benefit from This Course
This course covers all categories covered by the NRRPT examination. You will gain the technical information and practical experience to assure that you are well prepared to understand the theoretical and practical fundamentals of Radiological and Radiochemical Sciences.

Program Agenda  *All courses are taught from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm each day

Day 1:
  • Basic Math, Physics, Chemistry Fundamentals
  • Theory of Radioactivity
  • Interactions of Radiation With Matter
  • Biological Effects of Radiation
  • Radiation Quantities & Dosimetry Calculations
  • Radiation Sources
  • Radiation Detection Instruments and Detectors
  • Radiation Statistics and Quality Assurance
  • Radiation Protection Programs
  • Problem Solving Session I
Day 2:
  • Internal Dosimetry
  • External Dosimetry
  • Protection Principles, Shielding and Transport
  • Environmental Monitoring Programs & Equipment
  • Radiation Protection Standards and Regulations
  • Record keeping
  • Preparing for Inspections
  • Inspections
  • Audits
  • Problem Solving Session II
Day 3:
  • Fundamental of Actinide Chemistry ( U, Pu , Am,....)
  • Fundamental of Fission Products Chemistry ( Sr , Cs,....)
  • Radiation Sources and Equipment
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Radiation and Contamination Surveys
  • Waste Handling and Storage
  • Shipment & Receipt of Radioactive Materials
  • Problem Solving Session III

Cost for this course is $1,495.00 [U.S.] with All Proceeds going to the Radiochemistry Society. Space is extremely limited. In order to assure placement we encourage a prompt response.
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