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  • Radiation: Also referred to as radiotherapy. X-rays or radioactive substances used in treatment of cancer.
  • Radioactive: Relating to or making use of radioactive substances or the radiation they emit.
  • Radioactive seed implant: Tiny pellets of radioactive medication.
  • Radiographic: X-ray.
  • Radiographic technique: Procedure for taking an X-ray.
  • Radioisotope: A particular form of chemical element that is radioactive.
  • Radiologic: X-ray.
  • Radiologist: Doctor specializing in the interpretation of X-rays and other scanning techniques for the diagnosis of disorders.
  • Radionuclide: Radioactive nuclide.
  • Radionuclide cystogram: A test using a radioactive material that is placed in the bladder to evaluate the structure of the bladder and processes inside.
  • Radiopaque: Blocking the passage of X-rays and other forms of electromagnetic radiation
  • Radio waves: Electromagnetic waves.
  • Rectal: Relating to, involving or in the rectum.
  • Rectal ultrasound: A diagnostic test that uses very high frequency sound waves to produce an image of the rectum.
  • Rectum: The lower part of the large intestine, ending in the anal opening.
  • Reflux: Backward flow of urine. Also referred to as vesicoureteral reflux (VUR). An abnormal condition in which urine backs up from the bladder into the ureters and occasionally into the kidneys, raising the risk of infection.
  • Renal: Pertaining to the kidneys.
  • Renal vein: Short, thick vein which returns blood from the kidneys to the vena cava.
  • Resection: The surgical removal of a portion of a body part.
  • Residual urine: Amount of urine remaining in the bladder after urination.
  • Retrograde: Backwards.
  • Retrograde pyelography: Radiographic imaging of the ureters and collecting system of the kidneys by introducing a dye opaque to X-rays by way of urinary catheter.
  • Retrograde urethrogram: X-ray diagnostic test to evaluate appearance and integrity of the urethra.
  • Retroperitoneum: Behind abdominal lining.
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