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Books with useful sections

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Article of Interest

W.B. Jensen, The Positions of Lanthanum(Actinium) and Lutetium(Lawrencium) in the Periodic Table, Journal of Chemical Education, 1982, 59, p. 634-636

Lanthanides & Actinides on the World-Wide Web

Periodicity & Physical Data:

Mark Winter's WebElements: Invaluable compilation of data on the elements, accessed via a Periodic Table interface

In Search of ... Elements: descriptions of the discovery of elements

AMODS Atomic Energy Levels for Lanthanides from the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute

Production & Supply of Lanthanides:

Molycorp: One of the world's largest supplier of Lanthanides from a huge deposit of Bastnaesite in the Sierra Nevada, California, USA

Pacific Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC): - suppliers of rare earth compounds

Lanthanide & Actinide Chemistry:

Lanthanide & Actinide complexes with Calixarenes: Mark Ogden's homepage contains entertaining displays of animated molecular models of some complexes

(Requires the Chime Plug-in)

Current Research in Organo-Actinide Chemistry: A poster by Carol J. Burns, Los Alamos National Lab., USA

Lanthanides in Technology:

Sandia National Lab.: Hydrogen Storage with Metals and Alloys

The Luminescent Lanthanide Homepage

Luminescent Lanthanide Labelling for DNA Sequencing

Nuclear Technology:

British Nuclear Fuels

Nuclear Materials Technology Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

Superheavy Elements:

Heavy Ion Research at GSI, Darmstadt, Germany