Rad Measurement Electronics & Instrumentation Suppliers 
  • Alpha Counting - http://www.alphacounting.com/  Provides low background Alpha particle detection, measurement, and counting systems and services.
  • Alrad Electronics - http://www.alrad.co.uk/electronics/nuclear.htm  Markets Centronic Geiger Müller tubes and proportional counters.
  • Amale - http://www.amale.com/  Export management company supplying nuclear radiation and measurement instrumentation for research, nuclear medicine, health physics and environmental monitoring
  • Amptek - http://www.amptek.com/  X-ray and gamma-ray detectors and pulse processing electronics.
  • Analytics, Inc. - http://www.analyticsinc.com  The sole focus at Analytics is the preparation of quality calibration standards and calibration-related products.
  • Anspach - http://www.anspach.com  iMRI compatible high-speed drills and cutters. iMRI Safe Surgical Drill System is approved for use with 0.5 tesla iMRI unit.
  • Autoscribe Ltd. - http://www.autoscribe.co.uk/pet_lims.shtml  An affordable LIMS solution for all PET Production, Radiotracer and Radiopharmacy facilities.
  • Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation - http://www.berkeleynucleonics.com/  A leading manufacturer of precision electronic instrumentation for test, measurement and nuclear research.
  • BIOSCAN, Inc. - http://bioscan.com/  HPLC and TLC detectors, TLC imaging scanners, LSC and gamma counting instrumentation, Multilabel plate readers.
  • BNFL Instruments - http://bnflinstruments.com/  Full range of materials assay instruments for decomissioning, radioactive waste management and nuclear fuel handling cycles.
  • Canberra - http://www.canberra.com/  Radiation detection and analysis instrumentation for research and industry.
  • CardinalHealth - http://www.cardinal.com/rms/  Radiation management services offering everything needed to create and sustain a safe, successful, regulatory compliant healthcare practice.
  • Carroll and Ramsey Associates - http://www.carroll-ramsey.com/  Provides specialized radiation detector components and systems for physics research, radiography, PET and nuclear medicine.
  • CEM - http://www.cem.com  As the worldwide leader in advanced microwave laboratory instrumentation, CEM provides visionary technology for today's microwave chemistry and process control applications.
  • Centronic - http://www.centronic.co.uk/  Manufacturer of a range of radiation detectors, from reactor safety instrumentation to Geiger Müller tubes.
  • CERN gas detectors - http://gdd.web.cern.ch/GDD/  Gas electron multiplier (GEM) samples available from CERN printed circuit workshop. Useful information on GEM detectors from the original development team.
  • CertusSoft Ltd. - http://http://www.certussoft.com/  delivers high quality, made-to-measure, software / automation solutions and services to the nuclear science community.
  • Chemchek - http://www.chemchek.com/  Kinetic phorphorescence analyzers for trace level detection of uranium & lanthanides.
  • CNM - http://www.cnm.es/projects/microdets  Micropattern gas-filled radiation detectors for use in high rate X-ray imaging and measurement applications, developed using new micromachining techniques.
  • CoPhysics - http://www.cophysics.com/  Provides radiological instrumentation, laboratory and field measurement services as well as related scientific software products to industry, medicine, and government.
  • Duratek, Inc. - http://www.duratekinc.com/Services/instrumentation.asp  Specializing in rental, repair and leasing of radiation detection equipment - over $5 million in inventory.
  • Eberline Services - http://www.eberlineservices.com/  With more than 50 years of experience, Eberline Services is one of the nation's most experienced providers of radiological and environmental services.
  • Eclipse Systems Inc. - http://www.eclipsesys.com/  Eclipse Systems Inc. is the most experienced service/sales vendor of Picker/Marconi/ Philips nuclear medicine instrumentation in the US.
  • Eichrom Technologies, Inc. - http://www.eichrom.com  a worldwide provider of products and services in the field of analytical chemistry.
  • Electronic Control Concepts - http://www.eccxray.com/  Timing controls and instrumentation for medical X-ray units. Products include kVp Meters, X-ray exposure time meters and replacement timers for older X-ray sets.
  • Eurisys Mesures - http://www.eurisysmesures.com/  Radiation monitoring and analysis instrumentation, serving industries engaged in nuclear power generation and decommisioning.
  • EV Products - http://www.evproducts.com/  Wide range of CdZnTe based, room-temperature operation radiation detectors.
  • Far West Technology - http://www.fwt.com/detector/prod_det.htm  Ion chambers, gas single wire counters, GM counters, gas filling systems.
  • Fujifilm Medical Systems - http://www.fujimed.com  A leader in Medical Imaging and Network Systems.Go to Top

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  • Gamma Products - http://www.gammaproducts.com  Low background alpha/beta counters, gamma spectroscopy systems, and gas flow proportional counters.
  • Gammasonics - http://www.gammasonics.com  Manufacturer of radiation measurement and detection equipment.
  • General Engineering Laboratories, LLC - http://www.gel.com/analytical.htm/  services include a full range of organic, inorganic, wet chemistry, radiochemistry, bioassay and geotechnical analyses.
  • GE Power Reuter-Stokes - http://www.gepower.com/prod_serv/products/radiation_monitors/  From nuclear instrumentation to ultraviolet water sterilization to homeland security and industrial gauging,
  • Hidex - http://www.hidex.com/  Liquid scintillation and gamma counters for biotechnology, life science research and environmental monitoring.
  • Institute for Transuranium Elements - http://itu.jrc.cec.eu.int  The mission of ITU is to protect the European citizen against risks associated with the handling and storage of highly radioactive elements.
  • IRD - http://www.ird-inc.com/frontpage.html  Designs, manufactures and sells semiconductor radiation sensors. Specializes in silicon photodiodes for detection of ultraviolet and extreme ultraviolet photons.
  • IZOTOP: Institute of Isotopes Co., Ltd. - http://www.izotop.hu/radtech/mray.htm  MINIRAY SM 2000X dosimeter for radiation protection.
  • John Caunt Scientific Limited. - http://ds.dial.pipex.com/johncaunt/  Supply and development of a wide range of products for the detection, shielding and measurement of ionising radiations.
  • Lab Impex Systems Ltd. - http://www.lab-impex-systems.co.uk/  Manufacturers of Environmental/saftey/process/security radiation (alpha/beta/gamma/neutron) monitoring systems, stack/duct monitoring/sampling systems, Lung dosimetry systems.
  • Laboratory Data Consultants, Inc. - http://www.lab-data.com/  an environmental QA/QC chemistry and data management company with over 75 years combined experience in data quality, database implementation & data usability.
  • Laboratory Technologies, Inc. - http://www.www.labtechinc.com/  Since 1983, LTI has been a leading manufacturer of well counters for wipe test, sample analysis, RIA, research and QC.
  • Go to TopLND - http://www.lndinc.com/  Designers and manufacturers of nuclear radiation detectors including ionization chambers, Geiger-Mueller tubes, X-ray proportional counters and neutron detectors.
  • Lokmis Ltd. - http://www.lokmis.lt/en/  Your reliable partner providing modern and advanced equipment for the sampling and radiochemical analysis, ionization radiation measurement (radiometry, spectrometry) and non-destructive analysis.

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging Vendors »
    --Complete alphabetical listing of MR Compatible Equipment Vendors [also contains complete pdf download]
  • Become a Member!Mound Technical Solutions - http://www.moundtech.com/  Radiation measurement instrumentation, systems design, development and manufacturing. Specializes in Tritium measurement.
  • Moxtek - http://www.moxtek.com  Ultrathin polymer and beryllium windows for all types of X-ray detectors. Also solid-state PIN diode X-ray detectors.
  • NIRAS - http://www.niras.co.uk  One of the UK's largest commercial radiochemical analysis laboratories, providing independent testing facilities for all aspects of radioactivity analysis.PIN diode X-ray detectors.
  • NuclearLab - http://nuclearlab.com/Eindex.htm  Provider of nuclear instrumentation, calibration standards, and nuclear medicine products.
  • Nuclearon - http://www.nuclearon.com  Nuclear Science related Products & Historic Trinitite Specimens for Students & Researchers.

    Nuclear Pharmacy Vendors »
    --Complete alphabetical listing of vendors of pharmaceutical products for the diagnosis and treatment of disease & technologies.
  • Nuclides.net - http://www.nuclides.net/  Web-based computations on radionuclides and their radiation.
  • NucSafe - http://www.nucsafe.com/  NucSafe supplies the most advanced radiation measurement systems for applications.
  • Ordela - http://www.ordela.com/  Position-sensitive proportional counter systems for the detection of X-rays, neutrons, and charged particles.
  • Go to TopORTEC - http://www.ortec-online.com/  Supplier of radiation measurement systems, electronic instruments and modules, high resolution radiation detectors, and data analysis software for general nuclear research and related fields.
  • Pacific Tec - http://www.pacific-tec.com/index.htm  Marketers of nuclear radiation detection equipment, measurement solutions and applications.
  • Paragon Analytics - http://www.paragonlabs.com/  a full service, client-oriented environmental & radiochemistry testing laboratory.
  • PerkinElmer Life & Analytical Sciences - http://www.perkinelmer.com/  a global technology leader in Life & Analytical Sciences, Optoelectronics & Fluid Sciences.
  • PGT Instruments - http://www.pgt.com  PGT has been a long time manufacturer of germaniumm Si(Li) and other detector systems. We also manufacture a complete line of pulse processors and fixed and portable rad monitors.
  • Philips Medical Systems - Nuclear Medicine - http://www.medical.philips.com/main/products/nuclearmedicine/  Philips Medical Systems is a leader in SPECT and PET systems, computers and clinical software.
  • Photonis - http://www.photonis.com   Manufactures a wide range of detectors including neutron and gamma detectors (fission chambers for in-core/out-of-core use, boron lined proportional counters, gamma ionization chambers).
  • Protean Instrument Corporation - http://www.proteaninstrument.com  Manufacturer of alpha/beta counting systems for health physics, radiation safety, radiochemistry, and nuclear fuel cycle applications.
  • PTW - http://www.ptwny.com/  Dosimetry systems and ionization chambers for the measurement of ionizing radiation, primarily for the medical field.
  • Radcal Corporation - http://www.radcal.com/  Medical X-ray system instrumentation and related products. Compliance and acceptance testing, quality assurance, field service and factory calibration.
  • Go to TopRadiation Sensors - http://www.radiationsensors.com/  Manufactures sodium iodide scintillation detectors.
  • Radiation Technologies - http://www.radiationtechnologies.com/home.html  Custom designed instrumentation and electronics for radiation detection.
  • Sponsorship OpportunitiesRedlen Technologies - http://www.redlen.com  CZT semiconductor radiation detectors for solid state diagnostic medical imaging systems.
  • RTI Electronics - http://www.rti-e.se  Equipment for medical X-ray quality assurance and service: kVp, time, dose, dose rate, mA, mAs, light and focal spot size.
  • Saint-Gobain Crystals - http://www.detectors.saint-gobain.com/  Development of photonic materials and radiation detection and measurement products.
  • Schiller America - http://www.schilleramerica.com/  Develops, produces and distributes products for medical diagnostics and cardio-therapy.
  • Scionix - http://www.scionixusa.com/  Manufacturer of scintillation radiation detectors.
  • Siemens Medical Solutions - http://www.medical.siemens.com/  Siemens Medical Solutions is one of the largest suppliers of healthcare equipment in the world.
  • Silicon Valley X-Ray Site - http://www.xraysite.com  Information about x-ray instrumentation and various applications of x-rays.
  • Spectrum Techniques - http://www.spectrumtechniques.com/  Geiger tubes and scintillation counters incorporated into complete assemblies including sample stands and shielding for spectroscopy applications.
  • Techset - http://www.techsetxray.com  [India] Complete range of X-ray Lead Vinyl Apparels to meet the high quality requirements of Radiologists.
  • Teledyne Brown Engineering - http://www.tbe.com  Over 40 years experience in environmental, REMP, 10CFR50, 10CFR61, radiobioassay and other miscellaneous analyses.
  • Teletrix - http://www.teletrix.com  Manufactures simulated, radiation training meters and alarming dosimeters.
  • Track Analysis Systems - http://www.phy.bris.ac.uk/research/tasl/home.html  Maker and distributor of TASTRAK a CR-39 plastic used for nuclear particle track detection.
  • Unfors Instruments - http://www.unfors.com/  X-ray measurement meters for monitoring kVp, dose, dose rate, mA linearity, waveform, exposure time in medical X-ray equipment. Also offers several models for light measurement.
  • WIENER Plein & Baus, Ltd.. - http://www.wiener-us.com/  Provides electronics for nuclear detector read out including HV supplies, pre-amplifier, amplifier, ADC, DAQ systems as well as modular electronics in NIM, CAMAC and VME.
  • XGlab - http://www.xglab.it  XGLab is an Italian company whose core-business is the development of high-performance electronics in the field of radiation detectors, Silicon Drift Detectors (SDDs) in particular.
  • XIA, LLC - http://www.xia.com  XIA produces advanced X-ray and gamma-ray detector electronics and related instruments with applications in research and industry.
  • X-Ray Pro - http://www.kolumbus.fi/x-raypro/docs/xpropo.html  Sells a variety of gas filled proportional counters, with several mixtures of detection gases available.
  • XRF Corporation - http://www.xrfcorp.com/  Supplier of field portable CdZnTe gamma and X-ray detectors for spectrometry and fluoroscopy applicatons, and custom built analysis systems.
  • Zumatrix, Inc. - http://www.zumatrix.com  Laboratory management information system software/solutions.
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